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We know yoga only works when we actually do it. Developing regularity with our yoga practice can be challenging at times.
I think we have all experienced that.
This is where I can be of assistance to you. Let’s do this together.

Cultivating space and time for you and your practice. Start your regular yoga and meditation routine, your journey of transformation.
We work together to create your personalised yoga practice-plan. This will focus on what you would like to learn, refine or deepen.

It can focus on areas you would like to develop and need support with, like
improving your physical strength & balance
working on nervous system resilience
seeking reduction in the symptoms of anxiety
learning practices to calm your nervous system
learning relaxation techniques so that you have practical tools that you can use any time, any where
& so much more

Or if you are experiencing physical restrictions
we find ways to adopt your practice
explore & introduce modifications specific to you
so you feel confident that you can start / continue your practice safely.

Whatever it is, I can work with you to plan your personalised plan with practices that are nourishing, fun, and accessible to you. Together we create a practice you will feel confident with, knowing that you are on a path of supporting yourself with yoga.

Sessions can include:
body postures, asanas
breathing practices, pranayamas
hand gestures, mudras
affirmation, sankalpa

Allow me to assist you to include yoga into your life in a way that feels authentic to you. Nourishing yourself with the gift of self-care.

If you have recently practised yoga with me
If you have recently participated in a group class or have done one-on-one sessions with me, online or face to face, we can start straight away. You can book in for your individual practice plan below.

New to working with me
If we have not worked together before or it has been a while since you have practised yoga with me, please start by booking in for two or three private one-on-one yoga sessions. This will give me an opportunity to get a clear picture of where you are at. I will then be in a position to advise and guide you safely.

Included in your personalised practice-plan:
comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill in
30 min consultation (online / in person), to clarify issues and set up your preliminary practice plan
three 75 minute private one-on-one Yoga sessions (online / in person)
final personalised yoga practice-plan in PDF form, ready for you to print
ideas for setting up your practice diary, a great support in developing your practice
ideas for setting up your home practice space
monthly follow-up conversation for 30 min (online / in person), for six months, to address questions, discuss any issues regarding your practice, check in and celebrate progress
email contact between follow-up conversations

Sessions can be held either online or in person in our yoga studio, Castlemaine.

Your investment:
AU $620, expires 8 months after purchase, payment plan available

Amalin Yoga Castlemaine yoga plan


Pay in full
one-off payment
AU $620

Amalin Yoga in Castlemaine yoga practice


Payment plan
initial down-payment of AU $320
& three 2-weekly instalments of AU $100

Amalin Yoga Castlemaine Yoga


Book your six follow-up conversations,
these are part of your
personalised practice-plan


Once you have booked, you will receive a questionnaire to fill in, which once evaluated we will meet for our 30 min discovery call (online / in person) to clarify issues. After that I am ready to develop a preliminary plan for your practice.

As soon as that is done, we will meet for our first 75 min private one-on-one yoga class (online / in person) to go over the preliminary plan together. Following our meeting I prepare your final practice-plan.

After that is completed we will meet for our second 75 min private one-on-one yoga class (online / in person) to go through the final plan together. After any fine-tuning you will receive your final personalised practice-plan in PDF form, ready for you to print and start practising yoga with your plan for guidance.

You will also receive ideas for setting up a practice diary to support and develop your practice, as well as ideas about setting up your home practice space.

During the following six months you can make use of a monthly 30 min follow-up conversation (online / in person), to address questions and discuss progress. You can also contact me via email between our conversations.

In the end of the six months we meet for our final 75 min private one-on-one yoga class (online / in person). Here we can amongst other things address any ideas and wishes of how you want to move in to the future with your yoga practice.

Please read and understand the terms and conditions under which Amalin Yoga conducts all its dealings with you that can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

what my students are saying

I have been fortunate enough to participate in Iris' yoga classes as well as a tailored, personalised practice program, for about six or seven years now. It is no overstatement to say that Iris has helped me to transform my life.

Bruce M., Australia

Iris is especially good at working with each person individually, and helping them to get the best results for their own situation. Iris has a warm and caring approach. I have found that her yoga classes really work to stave off the effects of aging, and of lower back problems.

Rod A, Australia

I am delighted to be doing yoga with Iris. Having had excellent teachers in the past I can appreciate the knowledge, commitment and care that Iris brings to her teaching. What really makes her stand out is her warmth, humour and focus on individual needs and capabilities.

Linda T., Australia

Iris is a good yoga teacher because she uses insightful instructions to teach. But not only is she a keen observer but she also knows how to put these observations into words both during and after the session. This has enabled me to really enjoy and progress under her guidance.

Maureen C., Australia

I am a 70-year-old lady and since I started yoga with Iris, my life has changed and my posture is much better. The past 10 years Iris has been an extremely good and gentle teacher. I am really enjoying being her student.

Eliane T., Australia
Amalin Yoga Castlemaine Private yoga