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a warm welcome to amalin yoga

assisting individuals to take care of their inner self, finding peace within
relax systematically – balance skilfully – live joyfully


We are taught a lot when we grow up; from the people around us, educational institutions and the society we live in. One crucial aspect I believe we don’t really learn, is how to take care of our inner self.

You might call it your soul, being, spirit, your essence.
That part of you that yearns to feel safe, grounded and connected, and longs for a sense of deeply-rooted wellbeing.

This is where I believe the practice of yoga and yoga nidra fits perfectly – the all-inclusive ancient art and science of healthy living.

I am a yoga teacher assisting individuals discover, build, and strengthen their path to inner peace using subtle, powerful yogic practices.

Having explored yoga for more than 35 years, I feel honoured to share with you what I have learned about the power of yoga and yoga nidra to create wellbeing on a deep inner level.

I offer you a safe space to explore yoga, respecting your inner journey and where you are at. We find ways for you to move towards inner balance and to take care of your inner self and your nervous system.

Whether it is
yoga for anxiety or stress
quieting your mind
strengthening your body & nervous system
I believe with the practices of yoga and yoga nidra you can change your life experience.
Be calmer and stronger for the things you love to do.

Yoga Nidra Classes

yoga classes

Yoga Nidra Classes teaching

yoga classes

Yoga Nidra sessions

yoga classes


When we are in balance we feel grounded, calm, healthy, resourceful, hopeful, effective, generous and in alignment.
We can live joyfully and with more ease.

One way to look after ourselves more effectively on that deeper level, is to take care of our nervous system. The part of us that creates the link between feeling and thinking, our body – mind connection.

The job of one part of our nervous system, the autonomic nervous system (ANS), is to tell us HOW we are. It makes sure we survive in times of danger, and allows us to enjoy ourselves, connect with others and blossom in times of safety.

If our ANS becomes unbalanced, we can start to suffer on a physical level, when different systems in our body, such as the respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and gastrointestinal system get affected. Or on a mood and mental level.

Ultimately how we experience life depends on the state of our nervous system.
We want to focus on our nervous system to be healthy and balanced, which will allow it to be adaptable, flexible and resilient.

When we practise yoga we befriend our nervous system. We get to know it and deepen our understanding about what it needs and learn how we can support and nourish it.

By using subtle, powerful yoga practices we move our complete being towards the state of wellbeing and balance, including our nervous system.

free yoga classes

to find out more about how I teach and the different levels I offer, have a look at these online class examples.
Check the different levels to get an idea of which one feels right for you. If you are not sure please get in touch with me.

You can click Coming Home for a gentler experience or Diving Deeper for a more dynamic stronger one.
If you have any physical limitations please watch before participating and always listen to your body to stay safe.

free yoga nidra meditation

sign up to get instant access to a free guided Yoga Nidra meditation recording you can listen to in your own time at any time. This is a supported way of moving towards inner Calm. You will also receive occasional emails with my yoga offerings.

frequently asked questions

∴ What is Yoga Nidra? ∴

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation, also known as “psychic sleep”.
In the practice of Yoga Nidra we shift our attention inwards. Our breath balances, our mind settles and becomes quiet; and our brain begins to move between Beta brainwaves, the awake state, and Alpha brainwaves, deep relaxation.

We move effortlessly into deeply centred awareness; a state of harmonious, restful being where our physical and energetic body and our mind come to the natural state of equilibrium (homeostasis).

I believe the practice of Yoga Nidra helps us to heal on a cellular level on all levels of our being.

∴ What is Yin Yoga? ∴

Yin Yoga is a slow paced yoga, that is associated with the principles of Chinese meridian theory.
Asanas, physical postures, are held for longer periods of time. That means in Yin Yoga it is not the effort we make that allows us to sink deeper into our practice, but time itself.

The sequence of asanas, physical postures, stimulate subtle energy channels in our body, called meridians or nadis. This initiates physical, emotional, energetic and mental shifts.

In the yin yoga class you have time to explore what is going on inside you.
We work with a sense of softness and surrender.
This is a perfect time to train your 7th sense, the sense of intereoception.

∴ What is interoception & proprioception & what have they got to do with yoga? ∴

We are all familiar with our five senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch & smell.

Proprioception is our 6th sense.
It is the perception that tells us where we are in space, an internal system that orients us in space. It functions below the level of consciousness. In yoga we train our proprioception through conscious movement.

Interoception is our 7th sense, the sense of the inner state of our physical body, including mental, emotional and psychological aspects. Information is send to our brain via the nervous system and consequently the brain initiates regulation responses within our whole system. Interoception also lies below the level of ordinary consciousness.

Its purpose is to direct us towards homeostasis, inner balance. This is achieved by either maintaining our internal state or by adapting to changing conditions to move us back into balance. It motivates our behaviour, i.e. we feel hungry; we eat. Often we don’t even think about it, it is what we do.

If our interoceptive awareness is not accurate, and our brain is not able to read our internal state correctly, our response to a situation can be too strong or deficient. Putting undue stress on our system.

However by taking time to consciously tuning into what is going on inside us, we train ourselves to be mindful; in movement and in stillness, increasing our ability to sense inwardly.

We befriend our nervous system and start to discern when and how to regulate our stress response into a place of calm and centred awareness.

We learn to listen to our whole being, rather than telling it what to do or feel.
It is as if we are putting the volume of listening within us to a higher, more perceivable level. Our perception becomes more nuanced.
We discover subtle sensations in our physical and energetic being, building a more responsive and adaptable nervous system.

Through this process we create the possibility of sensing unconscious patterns of tension. Which we can now start to untangle and let go of. Helping us to move back towards innerbalance, the dynamic equilibrium, that is our natural state of balance and wellbeing on all levels of our Being.

Moving inwards – finding peace

∴ What does Amalin mean? ∴

The name Amalin was given to me in an Indian yoga ashram in 1989,
and after receiving it, I researched its meaning.

Amalin is an Indian, Sanskrit word. Its direct translation is ‘without stain’, meaning pure, clean, purity.
In Islam it means loved, clean, pure and in Malaysia and Japan, hope.

For me Amalin is not about perfection or striving.
For me it has always been an immense inspiration:
– for purity of heart in my practice
– about living and acting with integrity
– taking responsibility for my actions
– living by my conscience
– making decisions that do not create disturbances within but let me live in peace

what my students are saying

As an anxiety sufferer for nearly 20 years now I have found Iris's yoga classes to help me relax mentally and relieve tension in my body physically. It has given me the tools to deal with daily anxiety and panic attacks whereby using her techniques and poses I am able to see a significant reduction to my symptoms. Her gentle manner and professional approach makes yoga a joy to do.

Honni M., Australia

I have found participating in Amalin Yoga classes has been instrumental in transforming my body, mind and soul. It keeps my body agile and balanced, mind calmer and more productive and my soul more satisfied with life. Iris provides me with the tools and support I need to set and achieve my life goals.

Bruce Mc., Australia

Great! Iris leads her classes providing a challenge to a wide range of folk who seek advancement in their yogic practice. We are constantly impressed with class variety, care given and individual attention provided. Iris obviously has a wide and ever expanding knowledge of yoga. Her supportive and encouraging style sits well with her empathetic respect for all participants. With our combined experience of yoga: greater than 2 decades: we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be in Iris's yogic care.

Steven L., & John M., Australia

I always look forward to Thursday night Yoga with Iris. Not only do I know I’ll get a great Yoga experience, it’s also the best night's sleep of the week. Iris, ever professional can spot and correct your posture to give you the benefits you need from your Yoga class. A warm heart and a kind soul, Iris makes me feel welcome and her love of yoga is equally as strong in person as it is through online classes. Iris has progressed me through beginners and now to intermediate class. Yoga through Iris has changed my life.

Dan M., Australia

Yoga for Iris is a way of life and her commitment and enthusiasm is irresistible. I could not recommend her classes more highly. In a fast paced, topsy turvy world, yoga with Iris has been a treasured moment of serenity and composure that has helped me to remain calm, positive and centred. During a time when it is more important than ever to invest in your physical and psychological well-being, yoga with Iris has provided classes that strengthen all aspects of individual well-being. It is a tonic for the heart, mind and body. During a time when the world seems fractured and disconnected, yoga with Iris has attracted a connected community of kind, gentle and gracious individuals that I am truly grateful to be a part of.

Kaylene C., Australia