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read about all the benefits of Amalin Yoga, our students from Yoga in Castlemaine or live-online have kindly offered their experiences below:

∴ manage anxiety ∴

I love Iris’s classes for many reasons, they are dynamic and varied, I feel a sense of renewal and peace, I enjoy the combination of asanas and love the Yoga Nidra and feel wonderful after each class, they are really a tonic for my health and well-being. Iris’s ability to instruct and guide each student through her calming voice and thoughtful and knowledgeable instruction which she brings to each class. Her classes help me manage anxiety and return to my true self. She inspires me to be better!
Fiona J., Australia

∴ complete body and mind approach ∴

I have been practising Yoga for over 20 years and feel so privileged to have found Iris as my Yoga teacher. I love that her classes provide a complete body and mind approach. In Iris’s classes we work on all areas of our body, (I think she reads our aches and pains at the start of each class) and I feel relaxed in all areas afterwards.  Iris treats everyone equally paying attention to their needs and the class flows well and is natural and comfortable. Attention to the breath is key in yoga practice and Iris is thorough in her approach to this. It is always wonderful to attend classes with Iris. From the heart.
Monica S., Australia

∴ stronger, more flexible and better sleep ∴

I couldn’t have picked a better yoga teacher for my return to Yoga than Iris. Knowledgeable, skilled, kind and calm Iris guides me through a diverse range of postures (asanas) and meditations that I now look forward to every week. I feel stronger, more flexible and sleep better. Thank you Iris you are the best Yoga teacher I have ever had.
Sandra H., Australia

∴ transformative ∴

I so enjoy and benefit from yoga classes with Iris, who has an amazing knowledge of the body and whose style of teaching is gently encouraging and supportive. Iris generously gives guidance ensuring students gain the most out of their yoga practice.
I have attended both group and individual classes with Iris and I am always looking forward to the next one. Each class is thoughtfully designed and always  transformative.
Christine M., Australia

∴ enlivened as well as rested ∴

I have really benefited from your yoga classes so much thank you Iris. I especially love the close detail you show us to even internal parts of the body, plus the way our breathing helps us with every part of us. This has been not only restful, but enabled me to focus on myself in a close and healing and freeing way. I always feel enlivened as well as rested after your yoga. Thank you so much Iris and it has been very special to meet you and take part in your classes. Looking forward to more!
Catie P., Australia

∴ my ability to cope with stress is improving ∴

I have been doing Yoga classes with Iris for approximately 5 years now, and love them. I was under a lot of stress when I first saw her ad in the local newspaper. I gave Iris a call, and straight away she understood and made me feel supported. She gave me the confidence to come along to one of her classes and give it a try. I had never participated in a formal yoga class before and was nervous because I have never been “flexible”, but straight away I felt accepted and proud of what I was able to do, not embarrassed by my inabilities! I find Iris’ classes to be very well put together, professional, relaxing, gentle and fun. Each week we build on what we have already learnt and each term has a theme and a goal. Iris has a talent for making you feel at ease while she gently talks you through how to get into each pose without pushing too hard, or causing any injury. As a health professional this is very important to me. Her knowledge of anatomy and body systems is excellent. I particularly love that each session has a breathing and meditation component. After each session I feel uplifted and more relaxed than when we start. I have noticed that my flexibility is improving and so is my ability to cope with stress. Iris cares about her students and creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to practice in. I look forward to my weekly session, especially the part where all I have to do is lie on the floor under a blanket and breath!
Lisa Y., Australia

∴ starting yoga again after the birth of my baby ∴

Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to start Yoga again after the birth of my baby. The classes were inspiring , so peaceful and your voice so soothing. Also the discovery of the benefits of Yoga Nidra as a relaxation tool for life is a life changing event. Thank you.
Cat C., Australia

∴ ADHD, ASD and emotional regulation ∴

As a single mum who works full time, free time is often at a premium, particularly in the evening. I always seem to have loads of stuff to do, but I have realised the importance of my Yoga sessions with Iris – I feel totally relaxed after my class and sleep deeply. It seems to allow my very active mind (I have ASD & ADHD) to reset. I find meditation difficult due to my brain trying to process numerous things at once, but I feel that I am improving each week. By the end of class, I feel truly relaxed in body and mind. Iris is gentle but firm and guides the meditation. I really benefit from that and it helps to slow my brain. When I do my regular classes with Iris I feel more able to tackle the day-to-day issues that crop up. I use the breathing exercises I have learned in the courses if I feel anxious or upset to reset.
I feel other skills I have learned doing Yoga with Iris are emotional regulation, relaxation, self care, resilience. This has been an incredibly stressful few years for me. I was looking for a yoga class to help me emotionally. I was very fortunate to find Iris, her class allows me the opportunity to reset and has also given me tools to use between classes. She is a very calm, positive and enthusiastic role model.
Ally M., Australia

∴ back pain resolved ∴

Initially I thought Yoga was only for hippies. But, because of my wife’s insistence that I should do something about my worsening lower back pain, due to years of working in the building industry I completed two terms. The back pain was resolved inside 6 months, practicing once a week.
Bruce M., Australia

∴ such a good sleep ∴

I had such a good sleep last night. I just wanted to let you know that your yoga classes make such a difference to the quality of my sleep. Thank you Iris! 🙏 🥰
Fiona A., Australia

∴ feeling calm and safe ∴

Iris creates a lovely space in her yoga classes where I feel calm and safe. After Iris’ classes, I feel more grounded in the here and now. I’ve learned breathing and relaxation practices to use during the week and when I’m feeling stressed. I do a lot of desk work and driving and Iris’ classes help to strengthen my core and manage my lower back pain. When I miss a class, I really feel it!
Thanks Iris for your lovely classes.
Kathryn H., Australia

∴ leave with a sense of well-being ∴

I have come to the practice of yoga rather late in life and count myself fortunate that Iris Fischer is my teacher. Iris plans her classes to suit the ability of her students. She is aware of each person’s capabilities and learns our physical strengths and weaknesses allows her to adapt practices to suit each individual. Iris has a deep knowledge of her craft which has great benefits for her students, she cares for the well-being of everyone in her classes. I enjoy Iris’s classes and always leave with a sense of well-being and looking forward to the next class.
Barbara D., Australia

∴ connecting me to my body ∴

Iris, you create an environment that feels peaceful and calm and you treat everyone respectfully and pay attention to the needs of individuals in the class in a caring way. Your professionalism and confidence as a teacher allows me to relax and trust what we are doing. You offer a non-competitive experience of yoga where it is ok to be a beginner.

I love the pace of your classes, ie I feel I am gradually building my experience of yoga, without being pressured. I deeply appreciate the poses and focus on the breath which I feel are connecting me to my body. And of course I love yoga nidra and the opportunity to experience something like a meditative state, the sense of calm and peace after the class.

In the midst of the pandemic and lockdown your classes are a little oasis and it’s nice to feel others too are gathering to make a space for calm.
Jean H., Australia

∴ experience, patience and kindness ∴

Thank you Iris for all you do to support us with our yoga practice.
I feel very privileged to have someone with your experience, patience and kindness as my teacher.
Sally Q., Australia

∴ gentle approach ∴

Thank you so much for your gentle (and very knowledgeable) approach Iris.
Gabrielle D., Australia

∴ fewer physiotherapy and chiro appointments ∴

I feel many benefits from doing Iris’s yoga courses. My core strength, balance and flexibility have improved greatly. The breathing exercises are strengthening my lungs which has a knock on effect on my cycling and hiking and helps me to relax outside of class. Core strength, balance and flexibility are things that I need every day at work and when riding my bikes and hiking and they have improved greatly.

I tend to carry most tension in my neck and shoulders. Iris’ classes have made me more aware of when that is happening and I can correct it sooner than previously. This has led to fewer physiotherapy and chiro appointments. I am more aware now of how my body is feeling before it becomes painful. Iris has obvious enthusiasm for yoga and enjoys teaching, she is always very encouraging and supportive. I really like Iris’ warm and caring personality, she strives to give everyone a personal experience and alters poses to suit individuals Iris always checks-in at the start of a class and throughout the class for issues. She explains the poses thoroughly and then demonstrates them before asking us to join her. I really appreciate this approach. Iris is very encouraging to achieve a safe pose and also gives us alternatives if required. Iris is always reassuring and makes poses and transitions more challenging as the term progresses.
Alison N., Australia

∴ stave off the effects of ageing ∴

Iris is especially good at working with each person individually, and helping them to get the best results for their own situation. Iris has a warm and caring approach. I have found that her yoga classes really work to stave off the effects of ageing, and of lower back problems.
Rod A, Australia

∴ vital for continuing health ∴

As a health worker, with an interest in keeping Baby-Boomers (born 1946-1964) healthy and happy, I recommend Iris’s yoga classes. I strongly believe yoga has an important role. It helps to keep our muscles supple and strong, and keep our circulation flowing strongly through our bodies (and brain). Vital for our continuing health! If you want to avoid becoming stooped over, with sore joints do yoga with Iris regularly! (It worked for me!)
Marianne P., Australia

∴ amazing teacher ∴

Iris is an amazing teacher, caring, professional and knowledgeable.
Diana B., Australia

∴ benefited greatly ∴

I will re-enrol later today. I do not want to miss out, I feel I have benefited from your classes greatly!
Michelle F., Australia

∴ each class member’s needs ∴

I have gained much from your classes and your teachings and wish to thank you for your dedicated effort and I appreciate very much your watchful awareness in being able to tune in to each class member’s particular needs.
Merion M., Australia

∴ insightful instructions ∴

Iris is a good yoga teacher because she uses insightful instructions to teach us. But not only is she a keen observer but she also knows how to put these observations into words both during and after the session. This has enabled me to really enjoy and progress under her guidance.
Maureen C., Australia

∴ I’m so so happy ∴

Hello Iris! I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I can’t make it to Yoga today. But I also wanted to let you know how very much I’m enjoying your classes, I’m so so happy I found you! Thank you so much.
Laura V., Australia

∴ personalised practice plan ∴

I have been fortunate enough to participate in Iris Fischer’s yoga classes as well as a tailored, personalised practice program, for about five or six years now. It is no overstatement to say that Iris has helped me to transform my life.

Initially I thought Yoga was only for hippies. But, because of my wife’s insistence that I should do something about my worsening lower back pain, due to years of working in the building industry I completed two terms. The back pain was resolved inside 6 months, practicing once a week. Enjoying the outcome and the process I asked Iris to help me develop a tailored program so that I could practice at home. Iris started by giving me a four page survey, which questioned my goals physically, emotionally and made me question myself in ways I never had.

This is when my progress really started. We have changed this program through 6-7 iterations now, as it responds to my changing needs and abilities. The home practice sequence details a graded series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation provocations. When I first looked at the draft program she produced for me, I could see the considerable work and planning that had gone into it. I find her home practice package meticulously planned, easy to follow and ideal for my needs. Indeed after falling from a ladder and breaking my heel, which involved a 12 month recovery, I am able to work improving our rundown farm and professionally as a nurse. I ascribe this functional recovery to my following this home practice 3-4 times per week. The breathing and internal-work exercises, which I thought at first were a bit odd, have helped me to manage stress, respond flexibly to change as well as to explore and better understand my own inner landscape, I didn’t even know I had internal landscape! My involvement with Amalin Yoga provides me with everything from straight out fun, to at times a previously unimagined spiritual experience.

Even from day one I felt like she was someone I had known for decades. During her classes Iris is supportive, encouraging and precise, often using gentle humour to make everyone comfortable. She will challenge you to produce your best without you even knowing it.

Iris has helped me to transform my life…I recommend Iris as a Yoga teacher, coach and fabulous human.

Iris, your enthusiasm and great dedication to yoga make you a strong and inspiring practitioner. Precision. While allowing for peoples different biometrics and ability there is a gold standard for each pose which you get us to strive for and give us individual feedback when needed. Approachability. I can talk to you about my experiences doing yoga. Language. Especially because English is not your first language, your language is more thoughtful and promotes a deep understanding of what you are trying to express. Meticulous planning and timekeeping for each session, means we finish on time, without the session seeming hurried. The sessions lead us through a logical and progressive sequence each leading a little deeper to an internal sentience. Exploring ourselves through the poses, breathing and guided meditation, until we return to ourselves from wherever we happen to be during that meditation. Space, within the Earth, on the petals of a flower.
Pretty trippy stuff Iris thanks.
Bruce M., Australia

∴ utter joy ∴

Thank you for your gentle presence and generous teachings. My time in your class has been an utter joy. With love
Jenni B., Australia

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